WIKLINEX – wicker lacquer

A waterborne lacquer based on high-quality dispersion resins. It is prepared as a concentrate for dilution with water.


WIKLINEX is a specialist lacquer designed for protective and decorative painting of wicker products.



WIKLINEX is a one-component, waterborne concentrate, based on dispersion resin with the addition of auxiliaries that cause good adhesion to the wicker surface. It has very good adhesion to the surface and high flexibility, which prevents “coating” from wicker.


WIKLINEX - Technical data sheet

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Expert advice

Before applying the lacquer, dilute it with water in a 1:1 ratio (1 part of the varnish to 1 part of water) and mix thoroughly. On the wicker prepared for painting, apply the lacquer once by immersion, dry and season.

Clean painting tools with water.

Painting work should be carried out at an ambient temperature of at least 10°C and most preferably at 20±5°C.


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