Based on water-based acrylic dispersion to penetrate deep into the ground.


WOOD STAIN is designed for decorative painting of wooden and wood-based elements inside rooms such as furniture, doors, paneling, decorative moldings, wooden accessories and in selected colors, it can also be used outdoors for painting joinery elements, doors, wooden wall coverings, garden furniture and fences.
Wooden items used outside, painted with stain and not varnished have a color fastness of about 1 year. Coating with water-borne varnish (e.g. WOODLAK EXTERIOR) or solvent-borne varnish for external applications extends the durability of the dyeing depending on the resistance of the topcoat.


At the client’s request, it is possible to make a color in accordance with the RAL, NCS color card.


  • The waterborne stain is an ecological, one-component product
  • The stain penetrates very well into wood, giving aesthetic, colorful coatings, emphasizing the wood pattern
  • The stain is characterized by high color fastness, resistance to water, alcohol, acid solutions and diluted soaps (meets IKEA standards)
  • Resistant to dirt
  • Doesn’t rub off
  • You can apply acrylic varnish produced by AKSIL on the coloring stain: WOODLAK EXTERIOR, WOODLAK INTERIOR and EKOAKRYLIK.


STAIN Technical data sheet

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Expert advice

Surfaces to be painted should be sanded and thoroughly cleaned of dust. The surface should be dry, free from greasy and resin stains. Wood humidity should be a maximum of 16%.

WOOD STAIN is applied to clean, raw wood by immersion or with a brush, paint roller or spray. With the immersion method, a single immersion is sufficient to obtain the desired color and to provide wood protection. When painting with a brush and roller, it is recommended to paint twice. Apply the second layer after the first layer has dried.

Painting should be carried out at a temperature of at least 10°C, and most preferably at 20° ± 5°C, and the relative humidity of the air should not exceed 85%.

Before painting and during painting, the product should be thoroughly mixed to ensure a uniform color.

Clean painting tools with water.


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