Aksil Specialized Varnish Products Factory was founded in 1995.

Our goal is the manufacture of unique, high-quality paints, impregnates and varnishes of quality confirmed by the certificates of scientific research institutes.

We offer our customers a comprehensive service, covering not only the production and sale of products, but also expert service for choosing the best solutions.

AKSIL specializes in the production of specialized paints for concrete surfaces: roof tiles, eternites, concrete fences, noise barriers and floors.

In addition to our leading products, we also offer: high quality paints and waterproofing for building, roofing sheet paints, products for finishing wooden surfaces and for painting wicker. We also offer numerous products for unusual solutions (e.g. for painting ceramics, styrodur).


Many years of experience

over 20 years on the market

Honest, reliable and solid

confirmed by awards

Professionally at every stage

highest quality products

Awards and certifications


In 2016, AKSIL began implementing a project entitled “The implementation of own innovative technology for the production of concrete paints.” under the European funds measure 3.2.2. The aim of the project was to implement its own innovative technology for the production of concrete paints and other specialized paints, significantly improving their key performance properties. The project resulted in improved products – innovative concrete paints and other specialized paints with unique properties.

The project was implemented in the period from March 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017 in two stages. In the first stage, the purchase of equipment and production auxiliaries is planned. In the second stage, the purchase of production equipment and quality control equipment is planned. The developed technology for the production of concrete paints and other specialized paints is entirely developed by AKSIL and is the result of its own research and development, being the secrets of the company. As a result of its implementation, it is possible to obtain significantly improved paints and introduce new paints for new market segments, which in turn will positively affect the company’s competitive position.