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CERAM-MAL – ceramic enamel

One-component, waterborne acrylic paint, characterized by good adhesion to the surface and high resistance to moisture.


CERAM-MAL is intended for painting ceramic products, such as pots, bottles, etc.


The paint is produced in the following colors: ecru, burgundy, yellow, green, orange. At the request of our clients, we can produce colors selected by recipients from RAL and NCS cards. The basic version of enamel is the gloss version.


  • Acrylic paint is a one component, waterborne product.
  • The paint is characterized by very good adhesion to the surface, high moisture resistance, color fastness, flexibility
  • Eco friendly product


CERAM-MAL Technical data sheet

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Expert advice

The surfaces to be painted should be thoroughly cleaned and dusted. Apply CERAM-MAL with a brush or spray to the cleaned surface. In order to obtain a smooth and even coating, apply the paint twice. Apply the second layer after 30 minutes at a temperature of about 20°C. You can sand the surface before applying the second layer.

Painting should be performed at a temperature of at least + 10°C and most preferably at 20±5°C.

Clean painting tools with water.


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