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WIKLINEX ENAMEL – for wicker

A waterborne product based on high-quality dispersion resins.


WIKLINEX ENAMEL is a specialized product designed for protective and decorative painting of wicker products. Thanks to specially selected ingredients it has good adhesion to the substrate. WIKLINEX ENAMEL creates an even and smooth coating with a slight gloss.


WIKLINEX ENAMEL is available in the following colors: red, green, blue, yellow, white, black and pink. On request, we produce WIKLINEX ENAMEL in selected colors from RAL and NCS cards.


WIKLINEX ENAMEL is a one-component product based on dispersion resin with the addition of auxiliaries that cause good adhesion to the wicker substrate.

WIKLINEX ENAMEL is very flexible, thanks to which it does not crack when using items made of wicker.

WIKLINEX ENAMEL is adapted to the method of spraying and painting with a brush.


WIKLINEX ENAMEL Technical data sheet

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Expert advice

The enamel should be mixed thoroughly before application. Apply the enamel with a spray or brush on the wicker prepared for painting. In the case of light colors, we recommend using the WIKLINEX PRIMER to completely eliminate the entry of wicker components into the enamel coating which could cause its yellowing.

Clean painting tools with water.

Painting work should be carried out at an temperature of at least 10°C and most preferably at 20±5°C.


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