Styrene primer containing corrosion protection agents. It is part of the “Roof sheet renovation system”.


AKSIKOR PRIMER is designed for anti-corrosive priming before painting with AKSIKOR, AKSIKOR PREMIUM:
– roofs, gutters, window sills, fences and other surfaces made of seasoned galvanized steel and aluminum zinc sheets
– iron and steel sheets
– coated sheets
AKSIKOR PRIMER is part of the “Roof Sheet Renovation System” that can be used to paint factory coated sheets



• efficiency in case of one layer of the paint:  up to 14 m2 from 1 litre. Practical coverage depends on many factors, such as the type of surface, texture, color as well as the type of tool and method of application used.
• Solvent product
• The paint creates a fast-drying matt coats of very good adherence to surface characteristics


AKSIKOR PRIMER Technical data sheet

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Expert advice

Preparation of the surface:
Surfaces before painting should be dry, degreased and free from impurities that could have a negative effect on the durability of the coating. The surface corroded and intended for renovation should be cleaned manually or using a power tool to clean it at least St2 (remove rust loosely bonded to the surface and peeling old paint). Then wash using e.g. Emulsol RN-1 and rinse with water.

New galvanized surfaces can be painted after air exposure after approx. 1 year
The surfaces to be painted should be washed with water and detergent or Emulsol RN-1 and then thoroughly washed with clean water.

The surface to be painted must be dry.
The surface temperature should be at least 30C above the dew point.

Product preparation:
The paint should be mixed thoroughly. If necessary, dilute with a styrene and chlorinated rubber thinner depending on the application method.

AKSIKOR PRIMER should be applied in a commercial form in places where corrosion was present, the rest should be applied in a diluted form. For dilution, use a thinner for chlorinated rubber and styrene products up to 5%. Depending on the degree of corrosion hazard, apply 1 or 2 layers of primer. Apply the next layer of primer after 6 hours under normal conditions (temp. + 20 ± 2 ° C, relative air humidity 55 ± 5%).

Apply AKSIKOR and AKSIKOR PREMIUM topcoat 24 hours after applying the primer.

WARNING: If the recommended time interval is not observed between the layers, wrinkling or loosening may occur.

The air and surface temperature should be above + 5 ° C but not above + 30 ° C, relative humidity max. 80%. Do not paint
during fog and rain. Protect painted areas against rain until dry, i.e. 4 hours.


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