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AKRYLKA LAZURA – acrylic, transparent, satin decor-protection lacquer

AKRYLKA LAZURA is an acrylic, water soluble, decor-protection lacquer for indoor application on previously painted walls. AKRYLKA LAZURA is based on state of the art raw materials with no harmful substances.


AKRYLKA LAZURA can be all over the places where easy to clean, fully resistant to brushing surfaces are required.

AKRYLKA LAZURA is recommended mainly to be applied in heavy duty rooms such as corridors, rooms, staircases and public utilities such as schools, nurseries, health services facilities.

AKRYLKA LAZURA is perfect for painting of panelling.

AKRYLKA LAZURA can be mixed with brocade providing a décor finish.


  • AKRYLKA LAZURA coat features excellent adherence to surface, high level of hardness and resistance to brushing
  • AKRYLKA LAZURA extracts the depth and intensity of colour providing satin finish.
  • AKRYLKA LAZURA is adapted to application type of: spray, hydrodynamic spray, paint brush and roller.


AKRYLKA LAZURA Technical data sheet

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Expert advice

Surfaces planned to be painted should be clean, thoroughly cleaned from dust, dry and free from grease. Surfaces previously painted with paints resistant to brushing should be cleaned form grease with water and cleaning agent, followed by water and drying.

AKRYLKA LAZURA should be thoroughly mixed before use.

Brocade can be added to AKRYLKA LAZURA. To do that, pour the brocade and mix. Mix from time to time during painting.

AKRYLKA LAZURA should be applied with a paint brush, roller or spray.

Recommended number of layers: 1-2. The second layer can be applied after 2 hours.

Painting with AKRYLKA LAZURA should be performed at the temperature not lower than 10oC, preferably at 20 ± 5oC.

Use water for cleaning painting equipment.


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