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AKRYLKA PREMIUM – latex white paint for interiors

AKRYLKA PREMIUM is a high-quality, water-soluble latex paint creating layers of very good coverage and extremely high resistance, particularly to wet brushing with detergent. (14 times more resistant to scrubbing than requirements – class 1). Easy removal of stains and dirt from AKRYLKA PREMIUM. Exceptional formula without any solvent content is characteristic of minimal level of odour and does not emit volatile organic compounds.


AKRYLKA PREMIUM is designed for decor-protective painting of ceilings and wall made of lime plasters, lime-cement, lime plasters for interiors

AKRYLKA PREMIUM can be applied in residential and public use interiors (schools, nurseries, etc.)



The paint is sold in white, after agreement it is possible to color it to the RAL and NCS pattern book.


AKRYLKA PREMIUM is a suspension of pigments and fillers in water dispersion of resin and additive of supporting and enriching agents
AKRYLKA PREMIUM provides matt or satin smooth and even coats
AKRYLKA PREMIUM coat can adhere perfectly to a surface
Very good coverage is characteristic of AKRYLKA PREMIUM
High resistance of the AKRYLKA PREMIUM coat to wet brushing -14 times higher resistance to wear in comparison to requirements of PN-C-81914
AKRYLKA PREMIUM coat is vapour-permeable – breathable walls
AKRYLKA PREMIUM is easy to clean, easy in use and provides comfort of work – no splashing during application.
AKRYLKA PREMIUM does not generate harmful fumes nor unpleasant odour during application and drying
AKRYLKA PREMIUM can be coloured with available pigment pastes


AKRYLKA PREMIUM Technical data sheet

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Expert advice

Surface preparation:
The surface designed to be painted must be clean, dry and free from grease. Remove any dirt and dust from the surface which could limit adherence properties of the paint. Any signs of contamination should be cleaned with water and detergent and left until dry. Moulded surfaces to be mechanically removed and apply adequate anti-mould agent. In case of highly water absorbing or dusty surfaces should be covered with priming paint beforehand, e.g. colourless AKSILUX impregnate or AKRYLKA GRUNT undercoat paint.

AKRYLKA PREMIUM should be thoroughly mixed before use.
AKRYLKA PREMIUM should be applied on dry and clean surfaces with the use of a brush paint or a roller (one or two layers – the second layer to be applied after 3-4 hours)
We recommend the ambient temperature not to be lower than +50C and not higher than + 300C, and relative humidity below 80%.
Use water for cleaning painting equipment.


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