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BETONLUX – silicone impregnate for concrete

BETONLUX is a silicone, water-soluble decor-protection impregnate which can penetrate inside the surface and protects against harmful effect of water, frost, chloride ions and atmospheric pollution.


BETONLUX is available in two versions:

Version A – impregnate for hydrophobing of mineral surfaces without painting

Version B – impregnate for hydrophobing of mineral surfaces with application of protective paint, e.g.: AKSILBET

* BETONLUX is available in transparent or color version.


BETONLUX is designed for:

  • water-repellent impregnation on concrete constructions, protecting concrete against carbonation, harmful effects of water and substances dissolved in it, frost and atmospheric pollution (bridges, paving stones, railway platform slabs, flagstones, architectural concrete, concrete accessories)
  • protective hydrophobization of brick and stone structures as well as fiber-concrete
  • BETONLUX in color version livens up the color of concrete surfaces colored in a mass, e.g. sett and to hide color defects, stains and uneven coloring; enables permanent coloring of concrete surfaces



BETONLUX can be a colorless or colored product. Basic colors: anthracite, yellow, red.


BETONLUX impregnate for concrete:
– provides hydrophobing to the protected surface
protects the surface against damp, rain and snow
– improves lifespan of the protected surfaces
– protects against concrete corrosion
– improves frost resistance characteristics
– protects against contamination, defrosting agents
– improves resistance to weather conditions and aggressive factors
– also available in colour version – livens up the colour of concrete surfaces coloured in a mass, e.g. sett and to hide colour defects, stains and uneven colouring; enables permanent colouring of concrete surfaces


BETONLUX Technical data sheet

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Expert advice

Surface preparation:
The concrete surface should be seasoned (for a minimum period of 28 days and preferably for a period of three months), strong, without dust and flaking coatings of old paint and without grease. Wash surfaces with water and detergent under pressure, rinse and dry. Roughen smooth surfaces.
Remove algae and moulds with the use of special purpose agents.
The surface before painting must be dry with a maximum humidity of 4% and temperature from + 50C to 300C.
Apply two or three layers “wet on wet” at intervals not longer than 15 min. The number of layers depends on the requirements. In the case of communication engineering objects, i.e. bridges, sound absorbing screens, apply three times. For applying the impregnation onto large surfaces, it is best to use a low-pressure spray. Impregnation can also be applied with a roller or brush.

BETONLUX colore should be mixed thoroughly and applied evenly.

Use water for cleaning painting equipment.
Impregnation should be carried out at temperatures from + 50C to + 300C and relative humidity of air up to 60%.
Painting work should be carried out in appropriate atmospheric conditions (no fog, no rain and snow).


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