EKOAKRYLIK – varnish for children’s furniture and toys

An ecological, one-component, waterborne product based on modern raw materials, it does not emit harmful substances into the environment.


EKOAKRYLIK is intended for protective and decorative painting of wood products and wood-based materials, e.g. furniture (except table tops), paneling and other indoor items.
EKOAKRYLIK can be used to paint children’s furniture and children’s toys. The varnish complies with the requirements of PN EN-71: 3-Toy safety.
EKOAKRYLIK can be used to paint shelves and store shelves in contact with food (in unit packaging).
EKOAKRYLIK was certified by the PZH of the Food and Utensils Research Institute and can be used to paint toys and children’s furniture, shelves and store shelves in contact with food (in unit packaging).


EKOAKRYLIK is a one-component, acrylic, waterborne ecological product (it does not emit harmful substances into the environment)
EKOAKRYLIK is characterized by very good adhesion to the surface, high resistance to scrubbing and scratching
EKOAKRYLIK creates clear coatings
EKOAKRYLIK is characterized by resistance to water, alcohol, fats (liquid paraffin), coffee (for 7 days seasoned coating) and to the so-called “hot cup”
EKOAKRYLIK is adapted to two methods of application: varnish for the immersion method and varnish for the spray or brush method
EKOAKRYLIK can be produced in various gloss levels from matt to semi gloss – basic versions are semi gloss and semi gloss
EKOAKRYLIK is best used together with the primer: EKOAKRYLIK PRIMER – the highest quality coatings are obtained


EKOAKRYLIK Technical data sheet

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Expert advice

Surface preparation:
Surfaces to be painted, should be sanded with fine-grained sandpaper and thoroughly dusted off. Wash the resinous areas of wooden surfaces with extraction gasoline.
Mix EKOARYLIK thoroughly before use. Apply EKOAKRYLIK to the cleaned surface by dipping, brush or, most preferably, by spraying. It is recommended to apply two layers; after the first coat has dried, i.e. approx 1 hour, apply a second coat. Lightly sand the coating between layers. EKOAKRYLIK PRIMER can be used as the first layer. The primer levels the surface and grinds very well.
Products painted before packaging are preferably seasoned at around 2 days at room temperature.
Clean painting tools with water.

Painting should be performed at a temperature of at least 10°C and most preferably at 20±5°C.



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