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SILWOODEX – hydrophobizing for outdoors

A product based on an aqueous dispersion of acrylic resin having the ability to penetrate deep into the substrate. The product contains wood preservatives and waxes that make the coating water repellent.


SILWOODEX is designed to protect wood exposed to external factors.

SILWOODEX is mainly intended for painting garden furniture and garden accessories such as pergolas, gazebos, fences and for painting wooden cladding for houses.

Due to the presence of a silicone hydrophobizing agent, we recommend using in places particularly exposed to moisture.


SILWOODEX is produced in a colorless version.


  • SILWOODEX  is ecological, one-component
  • based on a small molecule acrylic resin that causes deep penetration into the surface
  • contains protective agents that increase the durability of wood
  • the addition of a silicone agent increases moisture resistance


SILWOODEX Technical data sheet

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Expert advice

SILWOODEX is applied to clean, raw wood by immersion method or by a brush, paint roller or spray. Surfaces to be painted should be sanded and thoroughly cleaned of dust. The surface should be dry, free of greasy and resinous stains. Lacquer painting should be carried out at a temperature of at least 10° C, preferably at a temperature of 20° ± 5°C. The relative humidity of air should not exceed 85%. Wood humidity should be a maximum of 16%. Can be painted twice.

SILWOODEX applied in this way is the final, protective and decorative finish of wooden elements. Mix thoroughly before use.

In the case of indoor painting, ventilate the room until the characteristic odor disappears.

Clean painting tools with water.


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