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WOODLAK INTERIOR – indoor varnish for wood

An ecological, one-component, waterborne product based on modern raw materials, it does not emit harmful substances into the environment.


WOODLAK INTERIOR is designed for protective and decorative painting of wood products and wood-based materials.
Due to its properties, WOODLAK INTERIOR is mainly used in the furniture industry.



• WOODLAK INTERIOR extracts and highlights wood grain, thanks to which it revives the painted surface
• WOODLAK INTERIOR creates clear, transparent coatings similar to solvent-based varnish coatings
WOODLAK INTERIOR can be used on wood stained with stains
WOODLAK INTERIOR creates varnish coatings characterized by:
– very good adhesion to the ground
– high hardness – scratch resistant coating
– resistant to water, fats (liquid paraffin), coffee and so-called “hot cup” (for the coating seasoned 7 days)
WOODLAK INTERIOR is characterized by very good flow and thixotropy at the same time – it does not flow from vertical surfaces
WOODLAK INTERIOR is adapted to the spray or brush method
WOODLAK INTERIOR can be produced in various gloss levels from matt to gloss – the basic versions are semi matt and gloss


WOODLAK INTERIOR Technical data sheet

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Expert advice

Surfaces to be painted should be sanded with fine-grained sandpaper and thoroughly dusted off. Wash the resinous areas of wooden substrates with extraction gasoline.


Mix WOODLAK INTERIOR thoroughly before use. Apply WOODLAK INTERIOR to the cleaned surface with a brush or most preferably with a spray. It is recommended to apply two layers; after drying the first layer, i.e. about 1-1.5 hours, apply the second layer. Lightly sand the coating between layers.

Products painted before packaging are preferably seasoned at around 2 days at room temperature.

Clean painting tools with water.

Painting should be carried out at a temperature of at least 10°C, and most preferably at 20° ± 5°C.


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